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Our bamboo


Our socks and underpants are made of bamboo. Surprised?  

Bamboo is nature's enironmental wonder-crop. One of the world's most sustainable plants.

It requires very little water to grow and is incredibly prolific, capable of replenishing itself within a year without the aid of fertilisers.  

Bamboo is also naturally pest resistant so does not require pesticides or insecticides, making it inherently eco-friendly.  

Bamboo soaks up more CO2 from the atmosphere and puts more oxygen back than either cotton or trees.  

And of course, bamboo is completely biodegradable - when it is discarded, it will return to the earth with absolutely minimal environmental impact.

The fabric created using bamboo is equally amazing. It is a ‘cashmere’ soft, luxurious fabric, but also incredibly tough and hard wearing. Try it, you will instantly feel the difference.  

It's also one of the healthiest fabrics you can wear next to your skin.  It is breathable and has thermo-regulating qualities that help you to stay cool in the summer and warm in the winter; it is hypo-allergenic and antibacterial, helping to eliminate odours and reduce skin irritation; it is very absorbent and wicks moisture away from your body, keeping skin cool and dry.  

All in all, bamboo is the perfect fabric for socks, pants and vests, especially in warmer climates like ours here in Australia.

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