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Our shirt fabric

Our shirts are made using only super fine, two fold, GOTS certified organic cotton poplin - and it really doesn't come any better than that.

Organic cotton is an extremely environmentally friendly product, whilst conventional cotton is a terribly toxic and planet polluting crop - and that really does matter. You can learn more here.

If organic cotton were not as good as conventional cotton, then we wouldn't use it – Green Thread is committed to making the highest quality shirts possible. But organic cotton is recognised as being softer, yet stronger, than traditional cotton and is generally considered to be kinder on the skin, so everyone is a winner!

The organic cotton we use in all our shirts is the finest available. It is two ply (or two fold) 100's organic cotton poplin.  

- What does two ply mean? Most cotton is crafted from a single thread. This thread is used to weave traditional shirting fabrics, which are nowhere near as luxurious as the ones made from double-cotton. To make a two-fold yarn, two threads are spun together creating a very fine yarn that has essentially been folded together twice for strength. This is finally woven into a shirting fabric which has a smoother, silkier finish.


- And what is 100's? Jermyn Street tailors have always measured shirt quality by its yarn count. Referring to the length of yarn needed to make 1lb in weight - the higher the yarn count, the finer the fabric.  100's is about as fine as you can get in organic cotton.

- What is poplin? Poplin is a 'weave' and cotton poplin is the perfect fabric for a business shirt.

The typical style for a poplin weave is one where the weft and warp (vertical and horizontal) fibres go over and then under. This makes for a strong shirt that is clean and crisp to look at, but soft to the touch.

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