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Our Shirts


At Green Thread we specialise in shirts made with scrupulous attention to detail and many exclusive design features.

Most shirt retailers buy shirts 'off the shelf' from a range that large wholesalers manufacture. These shirts are all exactly the same. Often the only difference between them and shirts sold at retail is the name on the label.

Green Thread don't make 'most shirts'. Our shirts have been exclusively designed by European designer Xenia Hejda. Xenia is a 4th generation shirt maker and fashion consultant who set up in Australia when she moved to Sydney in 1977.

Our organic cotton poplin is woven exclusively for Green Thread according to our own patterns and designs. Our shirts are made specifically for Green Thread to our own design by our factory in China.

Put another way, Green Thread shirts are unique and you will not find a Green Thread shirt anywhere but here. Green Thread shirts are different. We hope you enjoy that difference. View our range of shirts here.